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As the Issue is now complete, the book has been made available from the Books Page. Feel free to download the file or read it online.
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For Issue 9 of Echidna Tracks: Australian Haiku we invite your best and previously unpublished haiku and senryu on the theme of Journeys. These may relate to journeys near and far, within and without. They might pertain to geographical travels, trips abroad, down memory lane or into interesting reaches of mind and imagination. They might be shared or personal, brief or lifelong. Share the sights, sounds and scents… stir our thoughts and feelings, take us somewhere intriguing— move us, because the journey has been, or is, a moving one for you… 

The submission period for Issue 9 will be open throughout April 2022. Please carefully read the guidelines on the Submissions page. Please make your submissions via the Submissions Form. A link to the Submissions form will be available during April 2022.

We sometimes publish haiku with an accompanying image, at the discretion of the editors. Images are a response to the haiku; they are not intended to be haiga. If you do not wish your haiku to be accompanied by an image, please indicate this when you make your submission.

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