This issue of Echidna Tracks is dedicated to

Andrew John Reeves

16th November 1950 – 29th April 2021

Deeply loved husband of Lyn Reeves

Andrew Reeves


Among many interests and talents in a rich and full life, Andrew was an enthusiastic supporter of our journal, and as an avid photographer generously supplied many of the photos that have graced its pages. As a marathon runner he penned the following haiku which we are honoured to have lead us into this current issue:

miles flow under the runner’s shadow

                                     Andrew Reeves

                                    Famous Reporter #3

Welcome to Echidna Tracks Issue 7: Light and Colour

Welcome to Echidna Tracks Issue 7: Light and Colour

This Issue of Echidna Tracks is dedicated to the memory of Andrew Reeves.

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mountain hut
we beat the silence
at uno


Nathan Sidney


Andrew Reeves

Andrew Reeves


last of the day
across the plain… hills
shaping the light


Katherine Raine 


Andrew Reeves


breath of wind
a leaf about to fall
lifts a little


Jan Dobb



Andrew Reeves


planting moon
the mountain’s own names
for its flowers


Nathan Sidney



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