dawn bush walk
the gleam of raindrops
on unfurling fronds

Nathalie Buckland

Simon Hanson

misty morning walk…
above the shrouded world
two grey crows

Robyn Braithwaite

Simon Hanson

Welcome to Echidna Tracks Issue 7: Light and Colour

Welcome to Echidna Tracks Issue 7: Light and Colour

This Issue of Echidna Tracks is dedicated to the memory of Andrew Reeves.

A haiku will be published each day until the issue is complete.

You can go to any post by clicking on the banner at the top of the post.

Authors’ names are listed in the ‘tags’ in the website’s footer.

Explore subjects via the ‘category’ menu.  The search facility can also be used to explore the subject matter of the publication.

Follow the website to receive a notification as each haiku is posted.

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a cold day
at this high hut
the log fire


Ross Coward


Simon Hanson

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