Echidna Tracks Issue 7: Light & Colour (Submissions Accepted during April 2021)

For Issue 7 of Echidna Tracks: Australian Haiku: we invite your previously unpublished haiku and senryu around the theme of Light & Colour, both natural and artificial; the lights around us and the lights and visions within — illuminations of every kind. There is scope here also to explore darkness, night, shadow and shade. Let your words make a picture, tell a story, show what you see, how you are feeling, leaving room for readers to conjure their own. 

The submission period for Issue 7 will be open throughout April 2021. Submissions have now closed.

Authors: Echidna Tracks Issue 6: Shelter

Haiku Authors

Lynette Arden
Meg Arnot
Gavin Austin
Ingrid Baluchi
Nathalie Buckland
Clem Byard
Rohan Buettel
Ross Coward
Jan Dobb
Marisa Fazio
Glenys Ferguson
Lorin Ford
Beverley George
Lorraine Haig
Simon Hanson
Carole Harrison
Louise Hopewell
Janet Howie
Marilyn Humbert
Zina Ioannou
Leanne Jaeger
Judith E.P. Johnson   
Keitha Keyes  
Kristen Lang
Earl Livings
Peter Macrow

Marietta McGregor
Mark Mille
Ron C. Moss
Leanne Mumford
Jan Napier
Elizabeth Nicholls
Gregory Piko  
Madhuri Pillai
Vanessa Proctor
Lyn Reeves
Carol Reynolds
Kent Robinson
Tara Rose
Nathan Sidney
Sandra Simpson
Tom Staudt
Barbara Tate
Barbara A. Taylor
Jahan Tyson
Rose van Son
Mira Walker
Alice Wanderer
Jane Williams
Tony Steven Williams
Quendryth Young

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house for sale
empty rooms
fill with echoes


Judith E.P. Johnson



doors and windows
closed against the cold
darkness seeps in


Judith E.P. Johnson


Lynette Arden

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