Welcome to Echidna Tracks Issue 8: Open Theme

A haiku will be published each day until the Issue is complete.
You can go to any post by clicking on the banner at the top of the post.
Authors’ names are listed in the ‘tags’ in the website’s footer.
Explore subjects via the ‘category’ menu.  The search facility can also be used to explore the subject matter of the publication.
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Featured post

spring rain —
the spillway thunders                
at the sky

Karen May

after the rain
a magpie’s                        
morning call

Stella Damarjati

first drops . . .
a cacophony                           
of birdsong

Nathalie Buckland

creek song
spilling over boulders                  
the tree ferns

Leanne Mumford

Marietta McGregor

winter’s end
the radiant blossom
of the golden wattle

Stella Damarjati

Gavin Austin

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