Welcome to Echidna Tracks Issue 5: Open Theme

Welcome to Echidna Tracks Issue 5: Open Theme

A haiku will be published each day until the issue is complete.

You can go to any post by clicking on the banner at the top of the post.

Authors’ names are listed in the ‘tags’ in the website’s footer.

Explore subjects via the ‘category’ menu.  The search facility can also be used to explore the subject matter of the publication.

Follow the website to receive a notification as each haiku is posted.

Echidna Tracks Issue 6: Shelter (Submissions Accepted during October 2020)

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Featured post
Marietta McGregor


remnants of bush


Maeve Archibald



Anne Chappel


sweltering heat
another smoky night
with the scarlet moon


Barbara A. Taylor



Simon Hanson


disappearing language
scribbly gums
at twilight


Sandra Simpson




late summer sunset
pink bellied galahs
rise in a cloud


Jennifer Sutherland



Lynette Arden


southerly buster —
our best laid plans
in disarray


Keitha Keyes




mid-summer heat
mum’s cotton wool blobs
on the Christmas tree


Ingrid Baluchi



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