two pelicans drifting moonlit shadows


Leanne Mumford



Lynette Arden


still watching us
year after year
aquarium fish


Simon Hanson



Marietta McGregor


museum cabinet
all the songbirds
stitched silent


Marietta McGregor




in father’s big hands
tiny dinosaurs


Judith E.P. Johnson




through the wings
of the blue tiger
the blue sky


Laurel Astle




in early frost
the brumbies huddle . . .
I miss your hugs


Tom Staudt



Gavin Austin


winter moon
the black colt blue
in drifting mist


Gavin Austin




galloping ponies the length of the paddock


Jennifer Sutherland




water dish
a frog swims the length
of a pear leaf


Mira Walker



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