Call for Submissions Echidna Tracks Issue 10: Relationships

For Echidna Tracks Issue 10 we invite your best and previously unpublished haiku and senryu on the theme of Relationships. The topic is a broad one and may focus upon relationships of any kind, whether of family, friends, partners, plants, pets, sentimental objects, special places, ancestors, the cosmos or the divine… Some of us have interesting attachments to work, sport, television, chocolate, addictions and even cars which may entail a kind of relationship. There is scope here to explore psychological, emotional and personal connections or a want of them in their various array, albeit joyful, painful, ecstatic, erotic, exasperating, fulfilling, fun or humorous. The theme requires more than merely mentioning the ‘object’ of your relationship, we want your haiku or senryu to reveal something of the quality of that relationship; it is the nature of the connection that is central here, what goes on in the space between self and other – make it alive for us, give us a window into the experiential tone of that relationship, help us to feel what you mean…

The submission period for Issue 10 will be open throughout October 2022. Please carefully read the guidelines on the Submissions page. Please make your submissions via the Submissions Form

We sometimes publish haiku with an accompanying image, at the discretion of the editors. Images are a response to the haiku; they are not intended to be haiga. If you do not wish your haiku to be accompanied by an image, please indicate this when you make your submission.

Anybody can submit work that is relevant to Australia – but, as this is a website for the collection of Australian haiku, the work we are looking for will come out of an authentic experience of either living in or visiting Australia.

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