dust motes vanessa 1
Lyn Reeves


dust motes
a roustie flings the last fleece
onto the sorting table


Vanessa Proctor



Simon Hanson


her perfect man
in the back of a ute
two dogs barking


Gregory Piko




cold wind
my cat twitches
her battle-scarred ear


Leanne Jaeger




slow evening
the bar door cat-flap
lets in the scent of rain


Peter Macrow



grey fantail
Judy Fander


a twitch
of the cat’s whiskers
grey fantail


Gregory Piko




long paddock
kangaroos and cattle
grazing side by side


Marilyn Humbert



Simon Hanson


the whirligig-beetle
whirling to frog-song


Cynthia Rowe




dog park
sunlit – every body
off leash


Jane Williams



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